The Clue Game - All About the Cluedo Board Game Characters, Weapons & Rooms

All About the Cluedo Board Game - the Original and Best Detective Game for All the Family!

About the Clue Game - Characters, Weapons & Rooms plus Where to Play it Now
Classic Clue Game
This page is all about the Clue board game. Including the details of the classic Cluedo board layout.
With a summary of the background story of the Clue characters. Plus the Clue weapons and rooms lists used in the most well-known original version.
I've also inlcuded a list of Cluedo related articles to learn more about this cool detective board game.
Including a summary of how to play Clue. And a quick run down of how to set up the board. Plus information on where you can play Clue now. Either online, against the computer or on your mobile phone.

Cluedo (or Clue) is still one of the most popular of the old board games. And is still, for many a firm family favourite, evoking fond childhood memories. And is probably the first detective game that most mystery detective fans have played!

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The Clue Board & the Classic Cluedo Layout
Background Story to the Cluedo Board Game
What are the Clue Characters?
What are the Clue Weapons?
What are the Clue Rooms?
More Fun Cluedo Info

The Clue Board & the Classic Cluedo Layout

This page is about the most well-known version of the Cluedo board game aka Clue. In this version you'll find six of the original suspects or characters taken from the very first version. In the very first incarnation of the board game there were 10 characters.

Created in 1949 in the UK, the Cluedo board game was so named by a merging the words 'clue' and 'Ludo'. Ludo being another cool family fave board game.

For the most part, everyone knows this board game as Cluedo. However, in the US as Ludo was not a well-known board game name the board game owners opted to call it Clue. But both Clue and Cluedo are the same board game.

Though there have been many versions of this cool detective game. For example many movie franchises have their own versions of Cluedo. Most popular of these have been versions using The Simpsons Tv show or the Harry Potter films. Where the Clue characters, weapons and rooms used are from the movies to match the theme. The classic Clue detailed here is game I first remember playing as a child.

Clue Rooms List and the Classic Cluedo Board Game Layout
Clue Rooms List and the Classic Cluedo Board Game Layout

Background Story to the Cluedo Board Game
Mr Boddy is the current owner of the beautiful Tudor Mansion. Inherited from his wealthy uncle, Sir Hugh Black.
Tonight Mr Boddy is hosting an initimate dinner party with a select guest list.

However, during the evening Mr Boddy is found dead at the foot of the cellar stairs by Miss Scarlett. (You can see the top of the cellar stairs in the middle of the classic Cluedo board.)

With the 5 dinner guests and the housekeeper all possible suspects. The location of the murder unknown. And the weapon used also yet to be discovered. Each character/player must question each other to eliminate all the possible rooms, weapons and suspects off their lists.

What are the Clue Characters?
In this classic version, there are 6 suspects. I've included the colour of their playing token (that are used to represent them on the board) in this list:
  • Colonel Mustard (Yellow)
  • Professor Plum (Purple)
  • Mr Green (Green)
  • Mrs Peacock (Blue)
  • Miss Scarlett (Red)
  • Mrs White (White)

Clue Characters List - 6 Cluedo Suspects
Clue Characters List - 6 Cluedo Suspects
The background to these characters is as follows:
Colonel Mustard, a regular guest to the Boddys' family home. He was an old friend of Mr Boddy's uncle.

Professor Plum, famous for his work in Middle Eastern archaeological history. His many field trips and digs had been funded by Mr Boddy's uncle.

Mr Green, a recent aquaintance of Mr Boddy again through his uncle, Sir Hugh Black.

Mrs Peacock is a 'mature' socialite and three time widow. Who still dreams of a career in the theatre. She is also Miss Scarlett's mother.

Miss Scarlett was an aspiring (but not-so talented) actress. However she's now switched her sights on looking for a rich old husband.

Mrs White is the long-suffering housekeeper and cook to the Boddy household.

From this it is possible to see that each character may be considered in having an ulterior motive for being at the mansion tonight. However, who knows what has happened between each of them and Mr Boddy. What has led one of them to murder?
You'll have to question the suspects. Find out if they were in the room where the murder took place. If not then you can eliminate them from the suspects list!

What are the Clue Weapons?
Including which room each weapon is placed at the start of the game. According to the classic Cluedo rules:

  • Knife - found in the Lounge
  • Rope - found in the Ball Room
  • Lead Pipe - found in the Conservatory
  • Candlestick - found in the Dining Room
  • Revolver - found in the Study
  • Wrench - found in the Kitchen

Clue Weapons List - 6 Weapons in Classic Cluedo
Clue Weapons List - 6 Weapons in Classic Cluedo

What are the Clue Rooms?
A list of the 9 Clue rooms including where there are shortcuts.
  • Kitchen (has a shortcut to the Study)
  • Ball Room
  • Conservatory (has a shortcut to the Lounge)
  • Billiard Room
  • Library
  • Study (has a shortcut to the Kitchen)
  • Hall
  • Lounge (has a shortcut to the Conservatory)
  • Dining Room
9 Clue Rooms List and the Board Game Shortcuts
9 Clue Rooms List and the Board Game Shortcuts
As you can see there are shortcuts in the 4 corners of the board. These are a good way to get to rooms quicker. By using a shortcut you can avoid having to traverse the whole board.

So if you needed to get to a certain room to make a deduction. Don't forget to make use of these handy shortcuts. They may just help you win the game and beat your opponents!

More Fun Cluedo/Clue Information

This is just a quick summary of the background to the Clue game, for more details check out the articles linked below:

* Play Clue against the Computer on PC and Mac - a review of the Clue game to play against the computer. Perfect for when you have a craving to play Clue now and you've got no-one to play with! Don't forget to check out the video there. As you can see for yourself just how well this Clue PC game plays compared to the board game version.

* How to Play Clue aka Cluedo on your iPad or iPhone.

* Play Clue Online - for details on where you can play Clue online. And other free detective games to play in your browser.

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