New Mystery Adventure PC Games

This page includes my new posts all about recently released mystery adventure computer games. So if you are looking for new mystery adventure games for PC released each month, check out the latest posts below.

Each post is a top 10 list of the best mystery PC games for download per month. And includes details of each game, a quick review and star rating out of 5 stars, plus links to full version downloads online as well as any free versions or demos for PC or Mac, if available.

New mystery adventure PC games list 2011
Top 10 New Mystery Adventure PC Games - July 2011
6th August 2011: This top 10 new mystery adventure PC games list post includes mystery PC games released July 2011. From atmospheric spooky adventure mysteries to detective and murder mystery stories!

Top 10 New Mystery Adventure PC Games - August 2011
31st August 2011: A list of the top 10 new PC adventure mystery games released August 2011. From fantasy, comic style adventures to murder mystery detective games!

6 Free Online Mystery Games no Downloads
You can play some cool mystery games online with no downloading, and these 6 free online mystery games let you play online mystery solving games right in your browser, no download or registration required.

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