Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery Download Game for PC

Full Version Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery Download for PC
Strange Cases: the Lighthouse Mystery, a dark atmospheric adventure hidden object game. FBI agent Claire Ellery is the main character of this mystery detective game, who is not only having to contend with mysterious dreams has now also found that her partner and mentor is dead, but was it suicide or murder?
It's up to her to collect and decipher the clues that her mentor left behind to crack this strange case of the Lighthouse mystery.

FBI Agent Claire Ellery’s latest strange case has become personal. Tom, her former partner, has died under bizarre circumstances. As Agent Ellery delves deeper into the mystery of his death, she finds that Tom himself has laid a trail of clues for her—a trail that leads her into a sinister web of corporate betrayal and the arcane.

Follow the cards to solve this Strange Case and vindicate your partner’s untimely demise in Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery.

* Dark atmosphere
* Exciting adventure
* For a more in depth experience, check out the Collector's Edition

See also: Strange Cases Game Series List. For all of the games in this FBI crime-solving HOPA series from Sulus Ltd. For PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

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