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Best Detective Games for PC/Mac - MCF6 Dire Grove

The best detective games - mcf6
For me one of the best detective games (for PC and Mac download) is Dire Grove, the 6th episode in the Mystery Case Files series from Big Fish Games (released Nov 2009). It is an excellent example of a casual game that seamlessly combines point-n-click adventure gaming, puzzles and hidden object games into a detective mystery game that is both challenging and immersive. The top quality game play, a really good storyline and excellent sound and visuals all come together to create an eerie, chilling and thoroughly enjoyable detective game! This is surely, why Mystery Case Files 6: Dire Grove is still one of the most popular downloadable detective games online and consistently receives top ratings and reviews from mystery detective fans and casual adventure gamers alike.

Mystery Files Dire Grove
Why I Love MCF6 - Dire Grove Review
What's the Best Detective Game Ever?
Mystery Files Dire Grove Game Download

Mystery Files Dire Grove
A story of Dire Grove's legend, Celtic relics and missing college students!
Dire Grove is a chilling, snow-bound point-n-click adventure game set North Yorkshire in an isolated village. You play the mystery files detective, and the story opens with you driving back to HQ after having just solved another tough case. But a sudden and violent blizzard forces you to come off the motorway and seek the safety of a rural access road. Up ahead you notice an abandoned car, on investigation you find a very disturbing note inside, that seems to have been left by the driver in a hurry and a video tape. With your handy Crime Computer you are able to watch the video and discover that you have fallen upon another mystery and a creepy one at that! As you make your way on foot up the rural track, you come to Dire Grove's hotel, which even though it's closed for the season it has an air of eeriness and desolation that is palpable. There's definitely an interesting mystery to solve here!

The best detective games - Dire Grove
Mystery Files Dire Grove Game Download - Hotel Screenshot

Why I Love MCF6 - Dire Grove Review
1. The Setting, Story and Atmosphere
* First, the plot of the Celtic legend of Dire Grove and students who've come to the ruins to investigate it has you intrigued from the start!
* The setting of the remote village and the locations in it from the closed Hotel, the hunting lodge, the ruins and the local gift shop all have been well-designed to add to the spooky backdrop to this game
* The snow storm also adds to the building suspense with the sound effects of the wind and the eerie effect that the snow has that dims the light in the outside areas
* The atmosphere is also enhanced by the sound track that has been written specifically for the game (Note: The volumes for the music, sound effects and environment can be adjusted separately in the options menu)

2. The Dire Grove Game Play and Navigation
* The layout and navigation of the game is well-designed, allowing you options as to where to investigate next, but giving you hints with a golden arrow.
* A magnifying glass shows you items you can pick up, a sparkle indicates items of interest or a puzzle that will need to be solved and a shower of sparkles means there's a hidden object game (HOG) game to do
* The hidden object scenes are cleanly designed not too cluttered and are challenging without being impossible. And if necessary there is a 'Hint' button there, which needs to recharge after every use, but doesn't take too long to do it
* Also every HOG scene includes an inventory item which you will need at some point in the game to get you past an obstacle. Once you've completed the hidden object game, the inventory item is automatically stored in for you. Sometimes you will find you have a HOG in the same place at different times - in order to get a different and necessary inventory item
* The puzzles are good too, not too difficult but you can skip them if you want to - again solving puzzles will reveal further info that you will need in the game - any such info is automatically stored for you in your case file, so you can refer to it asyou need it
* Sometimes you'll know the use of the inventory item straight away, but mostly, you will have to refer back to your inventory to see if you have the right item to help you clear an obstacle or wait till you have inventory items that can be used in combination with each other, in order to collect another clue. I like this imaginative use of the inventory items.

Whats the Best Detective Game Ever
the Best Detective Game Ever - MCF6 Dire Grove

3. Additional Plus Points
* In the Collector's Edition you get to play bonus games and additional challenges, for example: win points for not using the Hint button in the HOGs or not skipping the puzzles, or collecting morphing items that appear through the game. This means you can play the whole game again for different goals, cool!
* What is especially spine-chilling and really keeps this game's suspense going, is the use of the real life video footage from the missing students (Blair Witch style). From the video tapes that they have left behind them as they go missing is left for you like a breadcrumb trail! As you watch each of the video clips, you learn bit by bit the story of how they came to be at Dire Grove. A scary and chilling tale that unfolds adding to the suspense and keeping you on the edge of your seat!
* With all this Dire Grove has hours of gameplay and is takes a substantial amount of time to crack the case - for a casual detective game. And with the the bonus games in the collectors edition - you can get even more out of it.

What's the Best Detective Game Ever?
The best detective games for PC download manage to effectively combine an engaging story, challenging game play and an immersive atmosphere (with sound and visuals). And MCF's Dire Grove manages to do this perfectly because of the game developers' attention to detail and this is why it is one of my choices for best detective games ever.

For me this is a must-have adventure detective game. If you have played this game, do you agree? Let me know and leave me a comment

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