Wednesday, 7 April 2010

1912 Titanic Mystery Full Version PC Download

Full Version 1912 Titanic Mystery Download for PC
In the 1912 Titanic Mystery hidden object game, the game's story opens with the 100 year anniversary of the historic fatal voyage and a modern day replica of the famous vessel, the Titanic II!

Climb aboard for history and suspense in this 1912 Titanic Mystery HOG adventure game as a frantic chase unfolds to prevent a modern-day tragedy! 


Play Unlimited 1912 Titanic Mystery on PC
One hundred years after Titanic's fatal voyage, a modern replica, Titanic II, is set to sail and commemorate the historic trip.

As a descendant of the original passengers, you've been invited to take part in the celebration, but what looks to be a festive occasion, quickly turns into a deadly game of hide and seek. Someone has planted a bomb on the ship, and you're the only person aware to stop it.

Save the ship and all aboard during its maiden journey! Search for hidden objects throughout the majestic vessel to locate the whereabouts of the bomb and the person behind the scheme. Discover hidden diary entries from the original voyage and find out how they tie in to this dangerous new threat. Solve puzzles, play mini-games, learn facts and reward yourself with wallpapers of original Titanic locations.

1912 Titanic Mystery Full Version Game Includes:
  • Prevent a tragic history from repeating itself in this Hidden Object thriller.
  • Journey onboard the Titanic II and stop a bomb from sinking the voyage.
  • Search throughout the vessel for clues and the person behind the scheme.
  • Solve intriguing riddles by playing unique mini-games.
  • Learn historical facts and earn original Titanic wallpapers.

Download 1912 Titanic Mystery
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