Friday, 12 February 2010

Free Online Detective Games - Detective Grimoire

Play Free Online Detective Games - Detective Grimoire
If you are looking to play free online detective games to play in your web browser, then checkout Detective Grimoire a fun point and click web-browser game that will get you flexing your sleuthing muscles!
The carnival fun house caretaker has been found murdered and you play the private eye, Detective Grimoire as you search the carnival locations; collecting clues, interviewing and eliminating suspects to solve this carnival murder mystery whodunit.

All the carnival workers are suspects including a clown, a mechanic, the games stall clerk, and the carnival's head honcho himself! It's up to you to interrogate them and establish their innocence (or not). And as you interview each one of them you'll discover further details about the crime scene and secrets behind the relationships between them. Plus you'll need to search each location on the map to find clues; if you're questioning a suspect, use your database of clues to see if they can shed any light on them.

So by a process of elimination, you must narrow down your list of suspects to just one. You'll of course, also have to deduce the motive, what murder weapon was used and clear up any other clues that you find, so that you can piece whole story together correctly.

Though the dialogue maybe a bit slow in parts, this web browser point-and-click carnival murder mystery has a whole host of characters and plenty of detailed locations to search, and is a nice little mystery detective game to solve.

Play Free Online Detective Games - Detective Grimoire

Created by SuperFlashBros and published by ArmorGames, this is a fun example of a free online detective game that is easy to use and navigate, with an in-built help system if you get stuck.

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