Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Play Cluedo Online - How to Play Clue Online Free no Download

Free Online Detective Games - Cluedo
I've found a free play Clue online game which is great for Clue fans who don't want to download Clue games.
The game available is based on the new Clue game Clue Accusations and Alibis so there are some variations to the game play from the classic Clue.
But it still involves eliminating rooms, suspects and weapons!

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How to Play Clue Online
Some of the differences of this new Clue game include the Hollywood mansion as the setting instead of the Tudor mansion, plus there are new rooms to explore such as a theater, patio and spa!

How to Play Clue Online no Downloading

When you go to the site, the game loads. When this is done you'll get an invitation to join the party, click on "Begin the Mystery".

To play Clue online, choose a room on the board and then using your mouse, point and click to find and collect clues. You have a Clue log to store the clues you have collected, which you can refer back to whenever you need it.
And you also have a detective's notebook where you can mark off - with yes, no or maybe - the clues and tips you find as you gather the evidence. The aim being to eliminate suspects, weapons and rooms.
As you go through each room on the Clue board, you'll find more evidence to help you eliminate rooms, weapons and rooms. Then when you think you have all the info you need and are ready to make an accusation, click on the center of the board on the swimming pool (well, it is a Hollywood mansion!).
Then select your chosen suspected murderer, weapon and room from the drop down lists and submit and see if you have solved the mystery correctly!

Play Cluedo Online for Free
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  1. The loading for the game is sooo long!!!

  2. @daniarox, yeah I know what you mean, still it is a good game!

  3. The link seems to lead to a non-playable preview flash animation for Clue: Discover the Secrets. Well, I guess it's "playable" in that you can do a visual scavenger hunt that has nothing to do with the actual board game. But you can't play Clue in any capacity.

    Is this "free online Clue" no longer available?

  4. Hi Raiden, thanks for your comment. Yes, there did use to be a free play online Clue based on the original board game, however they took the game down a few months back and so is no longer available.
    The online clue game I link to in the above post is the closest game I've found that is free, online and is based on Clue, and as a Cluedo fan I think it's pretty good. However, as u say the gameplay is not like the board game. Instead it uses the hidden object element of the 'Clue:Accusations & Alibis' version. If you want to play the classic Clue board game on your computer, check out my review linked in the post - but please note that this version is not available to play online or free.

  5. Hi sarotti_23, Hasbro had moved the Clue game on their website. I have fixed the link in the post above so it should be ok now. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. thanks a lot. and vee, please add in your article that if the loading takes too long, right click and go to quality and choose low.

  7. great tip, thanks Charlotte

  8. Thank you, Does anyone still play this because I love clue!

  9. hi, the free online Clue game was on Hasbro's website, but it is not there anymore :(

  10. does no one know where you can play the acual clue game online for free with no downloads! I know im picky. but seriously! i just want to play online since no one in my stinking family wants to play with me!