Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mystery Detective Games - Clue Classic for PC and Mac

For ardent Cluedo fans, find out below how you can play the classic Clue board game on your PC or Mac. With this computer version you can play the Clue game against computer opponents.
And unlike the online game, you have unlimited investigations to find out whodunnit, just like the original Cluedo board game.
I've included details of the computer game, screen shots as well as how this compares with the Clue board game.

The Clue board game is the original of the mystery detective games, everyone has played this board game of deduction and elimination.

And this computer version uses the same rules and layout as the board game but it also has many useful features and stunning visual additions.

All this makes this a great choice for fans of detective games.

Here are just a few of the benefits of this classic Clue game for PC and Mac:
  • Atmosphere: with sound effects and background music this computer version of the Clue game has all the right atmosphere of suspense and murder mystery!
  • Want a quick Clue game? If you are in hurry and don't wait for the computer players turns, you can speed them up by holding down the space bar - a bonus over real-world Cluedo!
  • You can save a game, and reload it later, picking up the game where you left off.
  • The game's interface is well designed and easy to use. It also includes a history panel and a detective's notebook.
  • The faster you solve each investigation the better your detective ranking becomes and you earn detective badges.
  • And another great bonus is that if you decide you are in a position to make an accusation and then find you are incorrect, all you get is to miss a go. Again, unlike in the real Clue boardgame where you are out of the game completely.

The Full Version Clue Game includes:
* Unlimited investigations to solve
* A dynamic detective notebook with detailed move history and where you can make your notes using an old fashioned typewriter
* Atmospheric soundtrack and sound effects
* All the Classic Clue Characters, rooms and weapons
* And this computer game uses the same rules and game play as the original

You can get Clue Classic for Mac or PC from Amazon:
* Classic Clue for PC.

* Classic Clue for Mac.

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