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Agatha Christie PC Games: Dead Man's Folly

A new hidden object murder mystery PC game, based on Agatha Christie Dead Man's Folly mystery is another thrilling edition of the detective games genre. Featuring the famous sleuth Hercule Poirot, this game uses Agatha Christie's Dead Man's Folly to great effect. In this adaptation you play a new character who has been invited to participate in a mock-murder scavenger hunt game, at a village Fete at Nasse House. But while you, Poirot and the other guests embark on this staged murder mystery hunt, a real murder occurs!

Agatha Christie PC Games: Dead Man's Folly

You must help Poirot search the crime scene and the surrounding locations, uncover devious schemes and discover the motive behind this tragic event. There are plenty of hidden object clues, loads of secret messages to decode and complicated mini-games and puzzles. And by uncovering and linking the crucial evidence you can solve the whodunit in this hidden object detective game which brings Agatha Christie's Dead Man's Folly to life!
Agatha Christe: Dead Man's Folly PC Game

Included below are details of this great detective game and how to download a full version of Agatha Christie Dead Man's Folly.
This mystery PC game uses the fantastic story from Agatha Christie to great effect. From the hidden object game (HOG) element which you use to clear locations and rooms of possible clues. To the mini-games with which you need to solve to move to the next location.

In the HOG sections of the mystery PC game you may find yourself searching for clues in a tea tent, or on the lawn or in one of the rooms of Nasse House. By point and click, you must find the items listed each time and you will be given a time limit so if you get stuck don't forget to use the hints system to help you collect the clues in time. And as with all HOGs if you incorrectly click too many times you'll incur a time added penalty. There are 48 levels to clear of clues spread over 15 different scenes.

There are also plenty of mini-games to solve, to move onto the next scene you will have to solve riddles and puzzles. Plus at each level you also need to find Clue Cards which contain info about each of the characters of the story.

Both the mini-games and the HOGs are closely related to the original Dead Man's Folly story, so as far as murder mystery PC games this is well made and in keeping with the themes and atmosphere of the classic book. This will definitely be a winner with both detective game and Agatha Christie's fans.

In the Full Version of this Mystery Detective Download Game you get:
  • To assist the celebrated sleuth Hercule Poirot on a thrilling new case.
  • Unlimited mystery detective game play.
  • Suspense and mystery with 48 hidden object levels.
  • To explore 15 beautiful locations in this mock-murder game.
  • To discover clues, character info, solve puzzles and find the devious truth behind the seemingly tranquil English country-life.
  • And if you solve the Murder Hunt you unlock a bonus round in a "Find All" mode.

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